S. C. Hondros & Associates, Inc.’s, on-staff Civil Engineer, Alan Moseley, P.E., helps bring clarity to the often overlooked third dimension.

Many times owners do not recognize the importance of the topography when considering development of a site for a building or even a parking lot.  A parcel can have too much slope for the intended improvements of a building, car parking, truck approach, or loading docks.  The challenge of slope is in addition to adhering to required setbacks and buffers and providing required fire department access.

By addressing these challenges and abiding by regulations and ordinances, the civil engineer plays the most important role of determining what can be built on a site and how the owner can maximize the yield on a parcel.  The civil engineer can offer solutions, like retaining walls, to increase yield.  He can also determine that a site can be too flat and not have enough slope to build loading docks.  Another issue is accommodating water quality and/or detention features (as shown by the rain garden below) to satisfy regulatory requirements and drain the site.

Alan joined S. C. Hondros & Associates, Inc. over two years ago and is our in-house civil engineer who helps to answer the owner’s question: how can a site be best utilized while meeting the regulatory requirements. He is part of our design/build team that can take your ideas “From Concept to Completion.”