Our Core Values set the standard for our team and are a manner of practice every day. Over the next several posts we will share our Core Values and what they mean to our organization.

PROFESSIONAL. We take pride in our legacy of over 50 years, always adhering to the highest industry standards in the pursuit of excellence. The market and industry have evolved and we continue to utilize the best design principles and construction practices to have our clients’ best interests as our highest priority.

PROACTIVE: Clients depend on us to evaluate and implement innovative solutions. We direct them in their construction decisions with input and alternatives to provide the greatest value for their construction dollar. The client may have short term goals or long term goals that can affect their options. It is our job to develop the plan to address the client’s goals.

COLLABORATIVE. We use the team approach within our organization and with clients, subcontractors, and partners to consistently deliver value and quality. At Steel Creek Galvanizing (shown here) there were investors, operators, landlord, process system designer and installer, and the community – all vested in the project. S. C. Hondros served as the synergizer of all the stakeholders.

RESPECTFUL. Simply, treat others as we want to be treated, the Golden Rule. The sincerity of our interactions with our clients and peers has been recognized and acknowledged.

HONEST. Our word is our bond. We have integrity. Trust and loyalty are extremely important and we will always be transparent and truthful with our clients, partners, and colleagues.