In 1977 we worked with Don Childress to design and build “Arrowood I”, an 84,000 SF warehouse at the corner of Nevada Boulevard & Wilmar Boulevard. This was the first spec building that Trammell Crow built under Childress’s management in Charlotte and was the start of a multi-decade relationship between Tramell Crow, subsequently Childress Klein, and S. C. Hondros & Associates, Inc.

These sketches are from one of the first meetings with Childress where the building was conceptualized by the developer and the Hondros team.  Over the years technology has changed, and our preliminary sketches may be more sophisticated, but pre-construction meetings to plan and conceptualize a project lay the foundation to understand the client’s wants and needs and deliver a product we are all truly proud of.

If you’ve ever been around Hondros, you might recognize the handwriting of long-time Hondros Estimator, Ron Kramer.