Greiner Bio-One Renovation

13,430 sf


S. C. Hondros & Associates, Inc. renovated 13,430 sq ft of warehouse into new production area for Greiner Bio-One, a medical technology manufacturer. A comprehensive preconstruction process and commitment to efficient and careful execution ensured minimal disruptions to Greiner’s continued operation during construction. A temporary wall was constructed prior to the start of demolition so that all debris was contained in the construction area and far removed from the rest of the facility. A new HVAC unit was installed in the previously unconditioned space and interfaces with the client’s existing energy management system. New foundations and a utility trench were constructed to accommodate the Owner’s new manufacturing equipment.

This was the second construction project for Greiner Bio-One by S. C. Hondros.

Monroe, NC

S.C. Hondros & Associates, Inc
General Contractor

L. B. Smith & Associate, P. A.