US Bottlers Machinery Company Expansion

15,857 sf



S. C. Hondros & Associates, Inc. served as design-builder for U.S. Bottlers Machinery Company for the 15,857 sq. ft. expansion of their southwest-Charlotte facility. The building owner had the vision to add visual interest to the 215′ x 36′ wall of his expansion. SCOPE Architectural Consulting took that vision and designed a color-blocked scheme using Nucuor Building Systems’ translucent and metal wall panels in multiple sizes and colors. 

The expansion is attached to the existing facility with a 520 sq. ft. connector. A 1,105 sq. ft. conventionally framed office area provides new support areas adjacent to the new manufacturing space. A 10-ton overhead bridge crane runs through 200′ of the new space

Charlotte, NC

S.C. Hondros & Associates, Inc