Trimurti Temple celebrated its Grand Opening in late June.  Over 3,000 devotees participated in various religious rituals throughout the multi-day event.  Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts was in attendance to the mark the occasion.

The 9,475 SF temple was built by S. C. Hondros & Associates, Inc.  The Architect was Gary Franceschi, R.A.

Trimurti Temple’s Seshadri Veeraraghavan has stated, “…we are very happy with the quality of work and the efficiency with which S C Hondros team put together the core structure for our temple. I particularly heard good things about you, your office staff, Tommy and Mike Peacock. I certainly would work with you in the future, now that your company has under its belt the experience of building a Hindu Temple!”

(All photos courtesy of Trimurti Temple.)

Pictured left to right: Sam Kleto, Nickie Kleto, Maria Kleto, Jeanine Devaney, and Tommy Laughlin.